woensdag 30 juli 2014

How secure is M.A.P.? My advertising pays

How secure is M.A.P.?
From our beginning, security has been a prime priority. Our servers keep a copy information at each twenty minute cycle. we've got a 2048 bit Secured Socket Layer certificate that encrypts all information on M.A.P. to incorporate your personal info. we've got several back-end mechanisms to forestall fraud. we offer scientific discipline address protection. you'll rest assured we have a tendency to take security terribly seriously and as long as you utilize the options we offer, your account is secure.

Here ar some helpful tips that may increase the amount of security for your account:

• Save your primary & secondary passwords, together with your PIN in an exceedingly document on your notebook computer and copy/paste them into the positioning once prompted for them, rather than typewriting them in. this can stop malware referred to as Key Loggers from having the ability to record your key strokes.

• forever use anti-virus protection on your laptop and keep it up-to-date.

• Use totally different passwords for your M.A.P. account and therefore the email account related to it.

• Use a unique parole for your I-Payout account than you utilize for M.A.P.

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