woensdag 16 juli 2014

Earnings Example

Earnings Example
I can’t offer a definite Earnings Example as a result of it all depends on what number ad packs can  you may purchase or what number referrals will you've got.
Every ad pack prices $49.99 and can expire each 2 months or the returns will reach $60. additionally, you may earn 100 percent commissions from all ad packs purchased by your referrals.
For example if you may purchase twenty packs for $1,000 able to earn $20 daily for sixty days therefore once three days you may reach $60 and be able to purchase extra packs and increase your earnings.
For twenty packs purchased with $1,600 you may get paid a complete of $1,200 (with approximation) in 2 months therefore we will say that the “pure” profit is 100 percent Monthly. however you'll earn additional if you may purchase extra packs or from your referrals.
You'll have ten referrals and every referral will purchase twenty ad packs, your referral commission is $1,000 (10 x twenty x 5). Is necessary to send five-hitter ($50) of commissions to the advertising fund and you may be ready to withdraw $950.
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